Commissioned Images of Mixe
d genre Artwork, Maritime, Transport, Railways, Motorsport, Aviation, People and other subjects
that were of interest to the Artist.


 Maritime and mixed genre Artwork from the pen of Irish Artist, John Baird

                                            Maritime and mixed genre Artwork in coloured Pen and Ink from the Irish Artist John Baird

                                                                                                    WELCOME TO BAIRDART                                         

Welcome to the Homepage of the well known Donegal Artist John Baird. In these pages you will find many examples of a cross section of my work, from Marine to mixed genre Artwork.
Since i started drawing many years ago i have always put a great emphasis on detail, and specializing in Marine subjects, this  i find is what the boat owners want. I enjoy my work and through the years i have perfected it by adding colour and not being afraid to experiment using new techniques. My Arwork has found its way into collections Worldwide but it is really at home that i enjoy the most of my success, especially among the Fishermen ,not only of Ireland, but also Scotland and the well. This  Homepage is dedicated to them. and all who put their trust in a self taught Artist.   I hope you enjoy viewing my work.          Kind Regards..............John Baird
                                                                                                 A short Bio of the Artist.
 Born , Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, IRELAND, August 1948.and brought up by his Grandparents. Started drawing the small coastal ships that brought cargoes to the local Port when only 10 yrs old. Later on sailed in small coasters as a cook/ deckhand. then full time cook. After a time at sea , worked anywhere and everywhere , but still kept drawing and perfecting his work. Has exhibited on the Continent , UK and Ireland. and is well known for donating his works to help raise funds for local and National Charities especially Cancer Care West. Married to Jane , they have a son Jonathan. and Johns interests are: Sport ( Rugby, Cricket, Soccer and Rallying) also Brass and Military Band music especially the Band of the Coldstream Guards. 
                                                                                                        Contact Details
                              Address:.John Baird. "Hawthorn Cottage", Drumnahoagh, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal, IRELAND. F92 FT 2R
                                 Telephone: (+00353)74 9122838... ..Mobile Phone No...0863118590   E-mail