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On this New Website my aim is to promote a mixed genre of my artwork in Coloured Pen , mostly A3 size , like Coastal Shipping shown here by the Dutch M/V GRIETJE departing Letterkenny in 1960; also Fishing Vessels, Railways, Local Transport, Places of Local Interest and People known and respected by the Artist. I hope you enjoy viewing my work.

Commissioned drawing

of brand new Whitefish Trawler , AALSKERE

K.373 for her Owner

Iain Harcus , Orkney.

Inishowen Head Lighthouse at Shroove , Inishowen , Co.Donegal. For centuries seamen from this area have served major Shipping Companies Worldwide. There is also a major Fishing Port at Greencastle and also the National Fisheries School and the Inishowen Maritime Museum.

ROSS KILLARD typical of the local fishing boats that work for Scallops and Crabs using creels in the Inishowen area. They are based in Greencastle, Culdaff and other small harbours and they have bee very supportive of my Artwork throughout my drawing years.

Taken from a Drawing. Lt. Col. Graham Jones , MBE. (Ret.) Director of Music, Coldstream Guards and Senior Director of Music, Household Division.

The Late Johan Cruyff. The most complete player I ever saw. Rest in Peace

Supporting Cancer Care West. Letterkenny

Saint Eunans Cathedral, Letterkenny.

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